To Pick or to Throw? That is the question!

I learned to knit the English /American way -
I'm a thrower! I can move at a relatively quick speed throwing my way through my knitting. And I was happy until...I saw picking, the European way..the Continental way (even the name sounds so much more sophisticated!) of knitting.

I have now become obsessed with learning how to knit this way. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I have read webpage after webpage telling me that picking is faster than thowing and I believe it - if only my hands would too.

Whnever I try to do it I end up with stiff knuckles, knots in my shoulders, my jaws hurts from tightening them and my fingertips are sore. I feel like i've run a marathon! All this just to learn another way of knitting...is is really worth it? How much faster will I be able to knit? Will it really be that much more efficient? Am I having second thoughts?

No! I will press on, cramps and all, until I succeed - until I learn to pick with the best of them. But do I have to stop throwing while I do this? Christmas is right around the corner - at the rate i'm learning my gifts will never get done! Woe is me!